Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM)

“Udyog Mitra”

  • Arrange vocational skills with training & industry.
  • Develop a model driven by active industry and government cooperation.
  • Develop a reward and recognition mechanism for the industry and youth.
  • Establish a mechanism to connect youth with social.

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Udyog Mitra

The Government of Haryana has implemented the Haryana Udyog Mitra Scheme under the guidelines of Haryana Skill Development Mission (HSDM) with a motive to standardize “earn and learn” concept for the youth which incorporates industry led skilling and training leading to employability.
Objectives of Udyog Mitra
HSDM aims to the following objectives through Udyog Mitra :-
• To interconnect chief elements such as apprenticeship, industry linked skilling and employability to establish the whole value-chain.
• To establish a structure to induce the industry to take part by offsetting main cost experienced in hiring and training manpower.
• To display the industry and youth with a unique and flexible model, enabling both industries & youth with options of movement.
• To establish a mechanism to connect youth with social schemes and by making primary contributions towards the same.

Documents Required for Udyog Mitra

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans:-The following are the eligibility criteria of the scheme:
• The unit must have filed IEM with the proficient authority.
• The unit must be eligible for the grant only regarding direct employment.
• The unit must not have been placed on the preventive list as informed by the State government from time to time.
• The team must have acquired NOC/CLU from competent authority if efficient.
• The team must be in commercial production.
• The team must be in usual production at the time of payment and the grant shall not be issued to the closed unit.

Ans:-The training cost will be repaid under all the categories will be according to the supply in Common Cost Regulations of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE). The training cost will be refunded according to the Common Cost Norms category I, II & III courses respectively. The details are as follows:-
The Base Cost for different Sectors are as follows:-
• Rs. 46.70 is allotted per hour of training for trades/sectors registered in Category I of SCHEDULE-II (CNN).
• Rs. 40.00 is allotted per hour of training trades/sectors registered in Category II of SCHEDULE-II (CNN).
• Rs. 33.40 is allotted per hour of training trades/sectors registered in Category III of SCHEDULE-II (CNN

Ans:-The duration of training will be as :
• All the non-residential training duration will be 4-6 hours and residential training will be up to 8 hours.
• Training will be carried out on all days except Sundays and National holidays.

Ans:-The following are the advantages of the project :-
• This scheme will help the youth from Haryana domicile only.
• Special emphasis will be provided to Saksham Yuva registered in the portal of labor department.
• The scheme will have special focussed groups, e.g. Women, PwD & BPL.
• The scheme guides all the stakeholders, including industry players and training partners for the execution and controlling of Udyog Mitra.
• The scheme offers the opportunity to the partners for understanding clearly of government methods and expectation from the training partners.