Nai Roshni

“The Scheme for Leadership Development Of Minority Women 2017”

  • Empowers the minority women to prove out for their rights.
  • Assists in fighting various social shames such as poverty.
  • Identification of women for training and selection standards.
  • Elects eligible women trainees.

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Nai Roshni

The purpose of the project is to enable and infuse confidence among minority women, comprising their neighbors from other community-level residing in the same village/locality, by delivering knowledge, tools and techniques for communicating with Government systems, banks and other institutions at all levels.
Authorization of women from the minority communities and encouraging them to move out of the boundaries of their home and community and presume leadership roles and affirm their rights, individually or collectively, in accessing services, skills, facilities and opportunities besides demanding their right portion of advancement profits of the Government for enhancing their lives and living circumstances. This comprises economic empowerment of the trainee women to make them self-reliant and confident members of the society.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ans:-The features are as follows:-
• The Nai Roshni scheme is a leadership development program executed by the Ministry Of Minority Affairs in 2012-13.
• The scheme has been executed through civil societies, NGOs and government institutions.
• Minority women can submit an application for online as well.
• Data on training modules is accessible for public sphere.
• The scheme assists in fighting various social shames such as poverty.
• It enables the minority women to stand up for their rights.

Ans:-The following are the training modules under Nai Roshni:-
• Advocacy for Social and Behavioral Change.
• Digital-Literacy.
• Educational Empowerment.
• Financial Systems.
• Health and Hygiene.
• Leadership of Women.
• Legal Rights to Women.
• Life Skills.
• Swachh Bharat.

Ans:-• Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Zoroastrians (Parsis) and Jains women belonging to all minorities reported under Section 2 (c) of the National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992 are the target group.
• Measures must be made by the organization so that a representative mix of women shows upfrom SCs/STs/OBCs and also women with disabilities and other communities are comprised within the 25% group.

Ans:-• The leadership development training project should be executed by the Ministry of Minority Affairs through organizations.
• The elected organizations should implement the project directly through their organizational arrangement in the locality / village / area
• The liability of executing the project appropriately and successful would rest with the organization allocated with work by the Ministry.