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What is a Tax?

Tax is the enforcement of economic levies on an individual or enterprise by the Government of India or their corresponding state or similarly other operational equates in a state. The calculation and imposition of the various taxes prevailing in the country are followed up by the Ministry of Finance’s Department of Revenue.

Types of taxes in India

  1. Direct Tax
  2. Income Tax
  3. Capital Gains Tax
  4. Securities Transaction Tax
  5. Fringe Benefit Tax or Perquisite Tax
  6. Corporate Tax
  7. Indirect Tax
  8. Service Tax
  9. Value Added Tax (VAT)
  10. Custom Duty
  11. Central Excise

Tax always play an essential role in every aspect of the business. To prevent surprising losses in relation to tax, tax advice is required before you walk into business transactions. Hence, tax planning is best designed in advance.

A tax advisor is a financial proficient with progressed training and understanding of tax law. Tax advisors can incorporate tax solicitors, registered agents, financial counselors and Certified Public Accounts. A tax advisor can also be called as a tax consultant.

Our Business Tax services assist you achieve your business tax compliance and advisory requirements.

Services we offer:

We deliver our clients with a thorough spectrum of tax advisory services ranging from tax planning to advice –

  • Determining tax exposure and planning.
  • Documentation; formulation and revision of tax returns.
  • Adjustment of tax with business tactics.

What is Compliance?

Compliance is nothing but obeying rules and regulations made by several legal officials.

Why is compliance important?

A prompt compliance with all the related laws, rules and norms can  be beneficial to the organizations by retaining things flowing easily, minimizing fines & penalties and also maintaining its position in the industry.

Types of Compliances

External Compliance :

External Compliance implies to obeying the rules, laws and standards fixed by the Government officials to prevent any negative influence on the goodwill of the organization.

Internal Compliance :

Internal compliance implies to internally configured set of rules and norms which the proprietors, employees, vendors, clients obey to uphold the quality of the services or products provided by the organization.

Compliance Advisory

  • Create and apply a stable regulatory and compliance structure.
  • Create policies and processes.
  • Conduct compliance, external function

It has been the attempt of the company to offer the best possible tax and compliance advisory services to its customers based on the expertise acquired by the company over the years and in dealing with a mass of customers. The tax and compliance advisory department of the company keeps acquainted with the latest legal decisions and tax laws as well as the rising financial scheme in different industrial spheres and the influence therefor on the customer’s business to assure highest standard of skilled services.

We advise on appropriate strategies to reduce exposure and optimize tax incidence on our clients.

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