Skill Development

skill development

Skill development is the method of determining one’s skill deficiencies, and building and sharpening these skills. It is crucial because skills specify one’s ability to accomplish their plans with success.

Why Skill Development is important?

Skill development is a precious addition to a person’s life. Everybody requires to be independently efficient to earn their own bread and butter for subsistence in this competitive world.

It is crucial to realize that knowledge doesn’t assure skill, practice does. Theory knowledge can provide a visionary form, but only practical knowledge can give a proper exposure.

Everybody requires money for their survival, but are they able to earn it?

Here skill comes into the scenario where it assures that a person has some proficiency that can be worked out into the career.

Modern generation realizes the value of education that’s why parents are trying their level best to give best grade education to their children regardless of their economic status.

Education can only build the future of the children, but they must acquire some skills where they can utilize this education which will be profitable for them as well as for the society also.

But there is a vast gap between our solemn education system and present industry demands. Only skill development schemes can overcome the gap between them and assure that the student will have the necessary skill set as per the standards of the industry.

How one can build the skills?

  1. Make a step forward towards core skills.
  2. Core skills are those skills that have an influence on your targets directly.
  3. Always try to presume that you are at the first level of learning and gradually increase your skills.
  4. Split your learning into parts.
  5. Learn it with tenacity.

Youth is considered as the spine of any nation, that’s why we also rejoice International Youth Day on 12th August in our India with an intent to motivate our youth to learn and develop and to make them understand that they are the future of our nation.

If the youth is oriented and conducted in the proper way, then no one can prevent the country to accomplish its goals. India has a national youth policy which is made to settle the hindrances faced by the youth.

Several Government Initiatives are as follows:

Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has commenced Skill India Mission in 2015 to deliver the advantages of skill improvement program to around 1 crore people.

Its three main judgements are:

1. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY)

2. National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme

3. Industrial Training Institutes

All these programs have played an essential role in the conversion of Skilling eco-system.

To meet the requirement of industry, skill India is training the youth to provide best feasible result in the corporate world. They also deliver job training to the students to provide them practical exposure to the real workspace. With every second, a new person is joining skill India mission, showing its influence in all the segments of our society to take a step ahead towards improvement.

Skill Development unit has been assigned the liability to teach the youth by offering them skills through AICTE approved Colleges/Registered coordinators with objective for improving their Employment/ Self-Employment possibilities. The cell is operating several projects to meet its targets.

Major projects are :– Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana for Technical Institutes (PMKVY-TI), Employability Enhancement Training Programme (EETP), National Employability Enhancement Mission (NEEM), AICTE-Startup Policy, Skill Assessment Matrix for Vocational Advancement of Youth (SAMVAY), Leadership Development Programs, etc.

Skill Development Advisors arebusiness experts assigned to educate you in skill sector and to offer Advisory for your advance business start.

Roles of Skill Development Advisor:-

  • Establish schemes to enhance learning and skills, developing for employment, citizenship, leadership and healthy conducts to make youth for transformation into adulthood.
  • Assure that skill development and leadership activities are approachable to young women.
  • Support age-appropriate learning possilbilities based on developmental stages of various age groups.
  • Ensure technological leadership in community engagement and leadership possibilities for youth.
  • Deliver technological leadership in layout, improvement, plotting, and application; and building capacity in quality technological, manpower preparedness and entrepreneurship skills training.
  • Assure that project scheme and measures addressing youth are evidence-based and in line with advanced, worldwide acknowledged best practices; including Youth in Development Policy.
  • Establish and maintains cooperative relations with client associations, related government agencies, youth-serving organizations, and other NGOs.
  • Support with business development efforts comprising involving in seizing actions and writing suggestion sections.

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