Proposal Submission

proposel submission

A business proposal is a written deed that provides a specific service or product to a possible client or vendee.

A business proposal can link the breach amidst you and potential customers. It figures your worthy suggestion, and its main goal is to convince a company or association to carry out business with you.

There is a general misperception that business proposals and business plans are the same. The proposal’s purpose is to vend your product or service, instead of business itself. Rather than supporting your quest for investors to finance your business, a proposal aids you search new clients.

Guidelines for submitting proposals to National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

Objective of NSDC

To achieve its objective, NSDC is searching for proposals that are progressive and can have a booster effect in the skill development area, and are aimed at the sections with enormous unfulfilled needs (e.g. unorganized sector, training of trainers).

The proposal should desirably be concentrated on utilizing the funds from NSDC for connecting any functional profitability gaps instead of constructing substructure.

Criteria for consideration of proposals

  • Proposal must desirably be in the subsequent preference segments identified by the Planning Commission
  • Proposal should ideally determine and focus on the most significant gap in skill development in a sector / region.
  • Proposal must focus to cover an important section of the priority target segment (unorganized sector, trainer).
  • Proposal should not assume NSDC to finance the total 100% project cost.
  • Proposal must not assume NSDC to finance the whole amount as a concede.
  • The company who submits the proposal must desirably have previous experience of working in the field of skill development and in the section it is trying to aim at.

For an evolving training agency, it is necessary to understand the requisite of every RFP, Tender, Application and importance of balanced information on proposal along with supporting evidence to get through in the system. We are here as your ‘Proposal Submission Partner’ to reassure your flawless proposal preparation and its prompt submission.


Approval Of Proposal Submission Partnership

1.      Edifying You About The Project

•        Delivering you the minutiae of the Project/Tender’s guidelines.

•        Making you knowledgeable about the Fee structure & EMD charges.

•        Providing instruction about Revenue Insights.

2.      Audit For Document Approval

•        Scrutinizing your company’s eligibility as per the tender’s instructions.

•        Settlement of required legal and financial documents.

•        Filtration done if any deficiency is present in the documents.

3.      Proposal Preparation

To compose a highly competitive and flawless proposal, our R&D team will device and layout these documents according to tender’s instructions :

•        Legal & Financial Documents

•        Quality Certificates (ISO, six sigma, etc)

•        Expert’s CV and Portfolios

•        Current Market’s Statics

•        Execution Plan, Training Methodology & Work strategy.

•        Type of Business Agreements and other Legal compliances.

•        Module of activities for required Empanelment/Affiliation/Partnership with respective projected body.

4.      Proposal Verification

•        3-steps quality review for file verification to assure flawless proposal.

•        We share proposal copy with you to gain the final consent of mutual understanding to proceed it for successful prompt submission.

5.      Proposal Submission

•        We always pursue strict loyalty for prompt submission of a proposal to required ministry/authority/corporate.

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