Hunar Se Rozgar Tak Scheme

hunar se rozgar tak scheme

Hunar Se Rozgar Tak ( HSRT )

The Ministry of tourism started a particular initiative referred to as Hunar Se Rozgar Tak (HSRT) in the year 2009-10 for the growth of eligible skills amongst youth belonging to financially weaker section of the society. The introductory is totally supported by the Ministry of tourism.

The characteristics common to the coaching schemes below the HSRT are:

  • The trainees should be within the cohort of 18-28 years.
  • Each training scheme should be of short duration – 6 to 8 weeks.
  • Fees should not be charged from the trainee.

The basic purpose was to diminish, through this initiative, the skill gap that influenced the hospitality and tourism sector. Another goal was to implement an exemption to verify that the economic advantage a rising tourism reached the poor.

Primarily, the initiative included only two trades, particularly Food Production and Food and Beverage services. Trades particularly Housekeeping and Bakery were added later.

Considering of its increasing admissibility, the HSRT has been extended to cover non hospitality trades too.

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Benefits of HSRT Scheme

In order to achieve youth in an exceedingly abundant bigger figure all across the country to implement HSRT in a broad range, the Ministry of tourism (MoT) has determined to approve the State Tourism Development Corporations (STDCs) as applying authorities subject to the subsequent pointers :

The Guidelines

  1. Implementation

The State Tourism Development Corporations will carry out the training programs at their tourist homes, guest houses or other establishments respectively. The minimum training goals are as follows:

a) An advancement with 20 or more rooms will function for a training class of 40 students.

b) An advancement with 10 -19 rooms will run for a training class of 20 students.

c) An advancement with less than 10 rooms will not be allowed to conduct the training courses.

ii) Target Group

It is set that the training programs are obtainable to eighth pass youth within the cohort of eighteen to twenty-eight years.

iii) Courses Offered

The below mentioned all or any of the four courses are offered:

a) A full time six week course is appointed for Food & Beverage Service.

b) A full time eight week course is appointed for Food Production.

c) A full time six week course is appointed for Housekeering Utility.

d) A full time eight week course is appointed for Bakery and Patisserie.

i v) Intake and selection

A batch, to start with, should have a minimum of twenty trainees and a most of thirty. If the amount of qualified candidates exceeds the requirement of a batch and there’s a requirement of additional batches, the Agency can at the same time or bit by bit operate the next range of batches looking on its institutional strength. The agency can maintain a record of applications which can specify the date of receipt of each. In case of staging, the tabulating of candidates between batches must be on first-cum-first -admitted basis.

v) Minimum target

Each performing organization can conduct a minimum duration of 6 courses of 8 weeks or 8 courses if of 6 weeks. The category intensity are going to be as per the foundations indicated in i) above.

vi) Course contents

The coaching matters and modules are going to be similar for all the executing establishments and can be made attainable by the National Council of Hotel Management & Catering Technology (NCHMCT).

vii) Faculty

Each agency can employ its regular faculty for the programs, if offered. Otherwise the agency will include contractual faculty at the rate indicated by the Ministry of Tourism from time to time.

viii) Application fees

No course or application fees are going to be indictable to the applicant /eventual trainee.

ix) Attendance, Assessment & Certification

The trainees with minimal attendance of 80% can solely be allowed to take a seat for the course-end test. The certification and assessment are going to be done.

x) Stipend/Incentive

A stipend amount of Rs.1,500/- will be paid to the trainee whose attendance is minimum 80%, in respect of the Food & Beverage Service Steward, Craft Baker, Front office Associate courses and Room Attendant and Rs.2,000/- in respect of the Multi Cuisine Cook course subject to his/her qualifying in the course.

xi) Uniforms

An amount of Rs.1900/- per trainee  are going to be allotted for provision of uniforms and this quantity should be over and higher than the bottom price.

xii) Funding of the Program

The Program are going to be sponsored under the Ministry of Tourism’s Scheme of Capability Building for Service Providers under Suo Motu Initiatives.

Documents Required for Hunar Se Rozgar Tak ( HSRT )

  • Incorporation Certificate / Registration Certificate.
  • Pan card
  • Last 3 year Audit Balance Sheet.
  • Last 3 year ITR.
  • CA Certificate.
  • Letter head.
  • Bank details of organization/cancelled cheque.
  • SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) Person Details.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Q-1. Why HSRT scheme is essential?

Ans-  HSRT scheme is important amidst the youth because it is initiated to boost the eligible skills particularly to those belonging to economically weaker section of the society.

Q-2. What is the target group of the scheme?

Ans- It is determined to offer training programs to 8th pass youth within the people of 18 to 28 years.

Q-3.  What is the total course fees?

Ans-  No course or application fees will be indictable to the candidate.

Q-4.  What are the courses offered by this scheme?

Ans-  The below mentioned all or any of the four courses will be offered:

a) A 6 week full time course in Food & Beverage Service.

b) A 8 week full time course in Food Production.

c) A 6 week full time course in Housekeeping Utility.

d) A 8 week full time course in Bakery and Patisserie.

Note :- Hunar Se Rozgar Tak (HSRT) scheme – A unique initiation of the Ministry of Tourism for the formation of employable skills amongst youth particularly belonging to economically weaker section of the society.

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