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Operations is the task of handling the internal functioning of a business so that it runs as successfully as feasible. Every small business owner has to supervise the layout and management of background work, whether you create products, trade products, or deliver services.

The particular definition will depend on the industry and in which stage business is in. At one time, enhancing operations signifies thinking tactically about the   systems and processes. Other times, it means being part of the on-site work to fetch every aspect of a project, from tiny to huge, to reality.

The entire thing that occurs within a company to keep it flowing and earning money is collectively referred as business operations.

Business Operations Elements

Business operations differ in business type, industry, size etc. accordingly.

The four crucial elements are as follows :-

  • Process
  • Staffing
  • Location
  • Equipment or technology

 The Process is a crucial element because of its influence on proficiency and efficacy.  Processes must be recorded division by division so that operations managers can examine and locate areas for improvement, integration, or cost-savings. Documentation also aids companies to train new employees.

Staffing is decided by the processes. A small business might require a few people who are all-rounder while a large company will require many more people who are experts.

Location is much more crucial to particular types of businesses than to others – and the cause for the location will differ.

The Equipment or technology required for perfect business operations will often have an influence on location.

Business Operations Analysis

Once a business is settled, and specifically after a growth stream, it is crucial to evaluate and scrutinize business operations routinely to detect in efficacies and enhance communication. To make a company’s business operations optimum, comparisons with industry benchmarks and best practices are necessary.

A competent helping hand and a strategic planning are crucial component for operations part of a successful project execution. Our team of ‘Operation Experts’ make strategies, prepare and set forth an integrated project approach to achieve your desired mandate.

Focused Areas of Our Operation Advisory Services:

Phase.1 – Research & Planning of Project’s Operations

  • Formulating  activities, events, & process schedule.
  • Scheming of training plan : Domain and Non-domain curriculum.
  • Devising of job roles, lesson planner, outline assessment & certification.

Phase.2 – Resource Allocation & Fulfiling Due-Diligence

  • Opening of a training center and its construction for glance & ambience.
  • Recruitment of staff (Trainers & Coordinators).
  • Investigation of training center by PIA quality team & quality team head.

Phase.3 – Mobilization

  • Mobilization                      -Outlining          -Execution
  • Screening & Selection       -Aptitude test     -Counseling     -Selection

Phase.4 – Project Execution

  • Enrollment of trainees & freezing training batches.
  • Functioning of multiple shifts batches in the center.
  • Prompt completion of  training of  batches
  • Assessment & Certification
  • Certificate dissemination event & process.
  • Support in case studies and provide best practices to the Government bodies.
  • Placement linkages & act as a helping hand in employment tracking.

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